Nowadays Remote Sensing is used as an information source to study and monitoring resources at local and global scale. Satellite data are more and more frequently used to detect, identify, classify, evaluate and measure different soil covers and their changes. For this reason, the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) (Commission VI or Education Commission) points out among its objectives the need of developing, analyzing, and promoting educational materials to Remote Sensing learning.

RS-EducA© project (http://www.rs-educa.org/) was developed to serve as a Remote Sensing educational tool which covers the gap that exists in Spanish language, tough it could be translate into other important world languages as English or Chinese. RS-EducA© has three important components: a) RS-EducA© software, b) RS-EducA© educational material, and c) RS-EducA© educational platform. RS-EducA© software is a satellite image processing intuitive and easy to use software. 

Students can practice Remote Sensing techniques following different examples of increasing complexity. The RS-EducA© educational material is organized in three categories: learning, practicing and applying. The fist one, ‘learning’, develops Remote Sensing contents (10 chapters), and includes graphic presentations to help a possible teacher as well. The second one, ‘practicing’, incorporates different exercises. Each of them is dedicated to the different steps to process a satellite image, which were explained in the ‘learning’ category. Finally, the ‘applying’ category groups several studies made by researches of our team. On this way, student can acquire a clear idea of Remote Sensing applications.

The RS-EducA© project has been tested in some Spanish Universities and it is at its preliminary stage in South America. From an educational perspective the main findings are: 1) Computer resources: both software and applications are ease of use; 2) Learning ramp: ease of access to resources Internet platform; 3) Teaching: utility of self-learning tools and materials; and 4) Usefulness of real projects. In summary, the project is highly innovative in both methodological and instrumental / operational aspects.

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Keywords: Image processing software, Remote Sensing, educational innovation, project-oriented learning.